Hair and Beard-Care Tips You Need This Winter

“Winter care is not for me!”

“I don’t need so many products.”

“Why should I invest so much time and effort just for a few months?”

If either of these sound like you, we’ve got some news for you: winter is here, it’s real, and winter care is a must-do for all skin and hair types. No matter what you look like or how ideal your skin/ hair type is for the winter, it takes some learning and growing to get your winter care game right. This week, we’re diving headfirst into hair and beard care.

Yeah, you read that right. While your skin needs extra attention, winter is also the time to give your hair and beard some love and care. Much like your skin that tends to dry out, crack and itch when the temperature drops, your hair and beard weather some storms of their own. From dryness and frizz to breakage and dullness, there’s a lot you need to know and do to keep your hair happy, shiny and looking great.

Where to start? Here’s a guide:

1. Skip the hot water

It’s true! Hot water tends to open up the cuticle while cold water helps shrink and close them. As you may have guessed, open cuticles mean more hair fall. So, save & seal your ‘em with a cold wash to stop moisture from being stripped away from your hair and beard. Our tip: Start with warm water and end with a bit of cold water to help you battle the depths of winter!

2. Brush more often

We mean your hair, duh! Brushing your beard and your hair releases natural oils that get distributed evenly throughout the length of your beard and hair. While you wouldn’t want to do this during the hotter months to avoid developing an oily layer, this is a must-do natural technique to keep your hair nourished and moisturized.

3. Moisturize- yes, you read that right!

Speaking of moisturizers, you need one for your hair. Yes, your hair! Moisturizing your hair with conditioner, oils, and leave-in creams are key to ensuring that your hair and beard is protected from the harsh winter weather. Depending on how dry your hair is naturally, you can switch between products throughout the year!

4. Cover it up

When winter comes, you layer up with your best outerwear. Then, why skip your hair? Invest in beanies, caps, and other headgear for your hair and masks, scarves or other beard protectors especially when you travel. This will save your hair and beard from the nippy winter hair and protect them from unwanted frizz and dryness.

5. Milder shampoos are your bff

We’re sure you knew that already, but we’ll say it again for the people in the back: Mild. Care. Works. Best. For. Winter. Shampoos that are tough on your hair may also strip too much of your hair’s natural oils away, causing breakage and frizz. So, put the harsh shampoos down, and invest in milder picks. May we recommend the Apple Cider Vinegar Complete Haircare Duo?

6. Time to trim

‘No Shave November’ is ending, and it’s time to give the ends of your hair some love. Trim well, and trim often, since winter is the time when you are most prone to split ends and frizzy strays. Trimming your beard and hair often also ensures that you are protecting the ends of your hair against thinning.

7. Eat well

Nutrition is one of the most important things you need to be aware of when dealing with beard and hair for the winter. Essential nutrients that support hair growth such as Protein, Iron, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, etc. are found in the food you eat. This winter, watch what you eat to ensure that your hair is getting the right care from within.

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