Festive Trends To Watch Out For (And Try)

Welcome to the festive season! There’s friends and family, lots of mithai, and dressing in our best to look forward to. But, can we let you in on a little secret? We know that the most exciting thing about the festive season is getting festive-ready! What should I wear? How do I transform my skin and look my freshest? What’s my go-to festive hairstyle? If you’ve got the questions, we’ve got the answers. We went on an educational expedition, and we’re here to dish out the news- Let’s talk about the festive trends you’ve got to watch out for (and try)!



1. Exfoliation is your best friend

If you want to look great, you’ve got to exfoliate! Depending on your skin type, start exfoliating at least a week before the festive season to remove any debris, dead skin and dirt.

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2. Stay hydrated

All those gatherings mean two things: fun...and sweat! Dehydration is real, folks so remember to keep sipping on water as you go! You (and your skin) can thank us later!

3. Pay attention to more than just your face

Radiant skin on your face, but dry hands? That’s a big no-no! Invest in skincare that’ll make you feel great- face, body and all!

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4. Skincare fragrances go a long way

Remember: Every skincare product has a fragrance, and a mix of strong ones will put your vibe off. Try incorporating subtle fragrances, or products from the same fragrance family to give you that boost.

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5. Accessorizing is a must

Accessories are not limited to any one gender! ‘Cause there is so much you can do with some simple accessorizing.


6. Colour blocking is out: same-toned outfits are in

Remember when colour blocking was a thing? We’d rather not! This festive season is all about staying in the same colour family, and we’re all for it!


7. Beat that puffy morning face

Stayed up too late, enjoying the festivities? We hear you! Waking up to a puffy face can be worrying, and trying to fix it can be a task. We recommend a gentle face massage, some ice under your eyes, and a cleansing with cold water.

8. Invest in a routine

When you’ve got a million things to do, you don’t want to worry about looking dull or tired. We suggest investing in a routine to keep you on track.

Here are some combos to help you get started easily:

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9. Hair + beard care at the right time

It’s all about the timing, really. Remember to treat your hair and beard right before the festive season starts so you can look fresh and ready to go!

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10. Sunscreen- do we even need to say it?

Really, do we? Sunscreen is a must, no matter what!

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