Mr. Teavee: Who wants a beard?

Willy Wonka: Well, beatniks for one, folk singers, and motorbike riders. Y'know. All those hip, jazzy, super cool, neat, keen, and groovy cats.

And you!

While you may not need any of Mr. Wonka’s cooking hair toffee, you will surely need a hell lotta patience and just the right tools at your disposal to grow a beard. Few guys are blessed with incredible genes of growing a beard that looks and feels great without an extra push. For starters, it is a herculean task getting past that irresistible urge of giving up and shaving off your beard to get rid of that damn itch for once and all.

But if you’re a determined beard warrior who’s already past this level, we couldn’t be happier for you. Coz we’ve got just the right dope & tools to turn this experience into a memorable one resulting in a beard that not just looks great but feels great as well. At this point, let’s introduce you to a couple of beard sidekicks - Beard Brush & Beard Comb, the entry of whom will turn you into a star very soon.

But first let’s understand who’s who here and what are these two even good at. Let’s dive in. Starting with a Beard Brush.

What is a beard brush?


A beard brush is a beard care tool that helps keep the beard detangled and healthy. It usually has a wooden base inset with synthetic bristles with a handy shape designed to fit in your palm. The bristles detangle your beard and get through to the skin underneath to distribute your facial oils & sebum naturally.

When to use a beard brush?

  • Once your beard is past its stubble stage and has just started to fill out
  • When you need to brush out the dirt and grime trapped in your beard
  • When you need a great exfoliator that pulls away dead cells, loose hair strands and flakes from underneath the beard
  • If grooming the beard dry is your thing
  • To fluff up your beard and lend volume to it

Advantages of using a beard brush

Combats your mortal enemy - beard itch

Beard itch is a real problem – so real that it makes you wanna reach for that razor with every single itch. But we say reach for a beard brush instead. It goes deep down to the hair’s roots and evenly distributes natural oils or sebum, thereby preventing dryness and itch.

Beardruff who?

Beardruff results from dead skin cell build-up underneath your beard which gives it a flaky dandruff-like appearance. A beard brush has bristles that go underneath the beard surface to brush out these dead skin cell clusters that form beardruff. It is also an excellent exfoliant and unclogs pores that can hinder beard growth.

Stimulates blood flow

The bristles of a beard brush can massage the skin underneath your beard increasing blood flow to ensure regular growth and make sure your beard stays at the pink of its health!

Fluffs it up

Brushing your beard regularly prevents clumping of your beard hair and makes it appear fuller. Plus, you have complete control over where to navigate your beard hair. A beard brush also adds natural shine so it’s a win-win either way!

How to use a beard brush?


  • Always, we repeat always, use your beard brush on dry beards & never on wet ones
  • Use one preferably after you’ve used a beard oil for the brush to move smoothly through your beard
  • Brush your beard along the grain in the direction you want it to grow
  • Do not pull or tug at your beard while brushing it
  • Use your beard brush once a day and avoid overdoing it to prevent breakage

This was simple enough to understand. Right. Now let’s bring in the other one - Beard Comb.

What is a beard comb?


A beard comb is usually a small (ideally wooden) comb with wide teeth to glide through the longer or thicker parts of your beard and help you detangle it. Beard combs are easy to carry, don’t damage your beard hair, and are great for styling your beard while on the go.

When to use a beard comb?

  • When your beard has grown beyond the stubble stage and is gaining length
  • To detangle the beard and get rid of knots (especially in longer beards)
  • For beard styling. Apply a beard product, run your comb over to set it as and in the direction, you want
  • When you’re trimming your beard by yourself from a YouTube tutorial
  • To groom your beard when it’s either wet or dry
  • Right after you’ve applied a beard oil to make sure it is spread evenly

Advantages of using a beard comb

Detangles to save your life

Or, your beard’s life you may say! As your beard grows longer, it tends to start developing knots and tangles. A beard comb with its wide tooth keeps your beard tangle-free and neat.

Pro Tip: always go for an anti-static wooden comb to reduce frizz.

It’s a great massager

We kid you not! The ends of a beard comb massage the skin underneath your beard; as a result, your hair follicles draw more blood and are on their way to enhanced growth. Thicker, healthier beard? Bring it on!

Break up with split ends

Split ends are a mood killer. A beard comb evenly spreads all the natural oils throughout your beard making sure nothing is left high and dry. This also helps prevent split ends in the long run.

Pro Tip: consider using a beard oil before combing your beard for that added nourishment.

No ingrown and loose hairs

A beard comb combs your beard thoroughly to remove loose hairs. Also, regular combing keeps ingrown beard hair at bay. It gently combs out the beard hair to make sure it grows in the direction you desire and does not curl back into the skin. 

How to use a beard comb?


  • Always use your comb in slow but firm strokes to get to the skin underneath
  • Starting by combing up first and then comb your beard down to ensure you reach all the parts of your beard
  • You can use a beard comb after applying a beard oil to spread it evenly or after a beard crème to have your beard set in place
  • Be gentle, it’s your beard

A beard comb and a beard brush are different tools with a common purpose - to help you care for your beard in the best possible way. However, to say that you need any one of the two in your beard care kit is an understatement. If you’re starting off with a beard comb, at some point you’d also need a beard brush, and vice versa. If the end goal is to get your beard on point while ensuring it’s at the peak of its health, looks awesome, and is easy on maintenance, we’d recommend you to have a beard brush and a wooden beard comb tucked into your beard care kit.

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