Avoiding acne goes beyond just face wash. 3 easy tips!

Quick. Think of the one thing you should do to keep acne away. If you answered "wash face with the right face wash", you belong to the vast majority of men who think caring for oily and acne-prone skin begins, and ends, with a face wash. The truth is, there are 3 other easy things you should keep in mind to keep acne at bay effectively, and retain your natural, healthy complexion! 

Daily Tip 1: Pick the right ingredients

Even if it's just a face wash you are using, make sure you pick one that's

  • rich in oil-controlling and acne-fighting ingredients like tea tree oil, green tea, lemon peel and willow bark
  • gentle and non-drying, preferably soap-free and sulphate-free
  • tested for dermatological safety

Daily Tip 2: Avoid alcohol - on your face

And no, we aren't talking about those evenings out with buddies! Avoid using products on your skin that contain alcohol - for example, stinging after-shaves, or harsh anti-acne treatments. Look for alcohol (denat.) or alcohol on the ingredient list, and avoid products that contain those.

Do remember that not all alcohols are bad - it's ethyl alcohol that is to be most avoided. There are perfectly harmless ones like cetearyl alcohol and cetyl alcohol that are actually friends of your skin!

Daily Tip 3: Moisturize like a wise man

Here's what happens when you leave your skin dry (without a moisturizer): Your skin's sebum-producing glands secrete excess oil, making your oiliness worse. And then you try wash it all off, and the cycle repeats, and worsens.

Using a light moisturizer keeps your skin happily hydrated, and balanced. So remember to choose a moisturizer that's light enough (no greasiness or skin breakouts), and still keeps the moisture on your skin intact!

Bonus tip!

Try exfoliating your face with a gentle scrub once a week (not more). It will keep dead cells off your skin, and promote growth of younger cells. Thus helping a clearer complexion

Got more questions?

Reach us and we will be happy to get back to you! 

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Hi Roshan,
Our In The Clear Acne-Fighting Face Wash is intended to address left over acne marks & scars. It contains antioxidant green tea, gently exfoliating glycolic acid & brightening lemon pee. Do let us know if we can help with anything else.
Team Phy

Admin February 22, 2019

Hi Vignesh, thanks for writing in & apologies for the delayed response. For oily, acne-prone skin, we can recommend the below set of face wash & moisturizer: A) In The Clear Acne-Fighting Face Wash and B) Light Combat Daily Moisturizer SPF 45. Cheers, Team Phy

Admin February 22, 2019

These combi product is work for marks and scars also or not? Waiting for the response

Roshan Sunny February 22, 2019

I have oil skin, pimples, dark spots
I need a face wash and moisturizer

Vignesh February 22, 2019

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